Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Rainy Dashain blogging

So, I'm reconsidering my blog and blogging in general.  Initially, I wanted a blog that would showcase my art, with very little chat.  But... more and more I want to chat.  Chat into the empty vacuum that is the world wide web.  I will still post my art, but with more words.

I have to admit I always thought 'bloggers' were a bit sad, but now I'm converted (or sad). Speaking out to everyone (and no one) is quite exhilarating.  The urge to write may also have something to do with the boredom caused by the non-stop raining in Bhaktapur, Nepal.  It hasn't stopped since yesterday afternoon, just after I witnessed the sacrificing of many goats and buffalos - as part of the celebration of the Hindu festival, Dashain.  It shook me a bit, I have to be honest, but I figured that as a meat-eater I shouldn't shy away from the slaughter of animals. Even if it did take an inordinately long time for the goat to stop moving post decapitation.

Anyway, the rain continues to fall.

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